Monday, December 27, 2010

Truck Pictures: Chevy C6500 Crew Cab Dually Hauling Monster

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We Love Truck Pics: Chevy C6500 Crew Cab Dually Hauling Monster

Chevrolet C6500 monster hauling machine! As if the crew cab, the giant dually rear end and custom tanks weren't styling enough, there is an awesome stars and stripes flag mural on this truck that is just plain over the top. It seems to be a somewhat older model, but it sure looks good. I don't think this qualifies in the category of Chevrolet pickup trucks, it's way more than a pickup truck.

The more I look at this sweet puller, the more I want to call it a semi truck. I mean, it's not quite a Freightliner of course, but really...

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