Sunday, November 14, 2010

Truck Pictures: Ford F250 XL Super Duty Standard Cab Long Bed Work Truck

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We Love Truck Pics: White Ford F250 XL Super Duty Standard Cab Long Bed Work Truck
There is really nothing terribly exciting about this truck. But if you love trucks like I do, then you love it just the same. In fact, you love it just for being a truck and being a work truck at that. Let's face it, where would we be without our working pickup trucks? I certainly wouldn't be taking all these truck pictures. And we love truck pictures, don't we?

This is a plain, simple working truck. A Ford F250 XL Super Duty. It's only a standard cab, with a long bed, and 2 wheel drive as near as I can tell. But give the guy credit, he's got a business going, Greener Futures Inc, AND he's making time to play. Time to play disc golf that is. In fact, with a little Googling, I found out he is an Advanced Grand Master. Good for him, if you ask me!
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