Sunday, September 26, 2010

Truck Pics: Mack Big Rig Tractor

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We Love Truck Pics: Mack Big Rig Tractor Pinnacle DayCab

This is a Mack truck, if you care. One of the most well known names in trucks. (Is that like saying they are the Mack-Daddy of trucks?) Having spent some time on their website, I can say with minimal confidence that this is their Pinnacle DayCab model. I was surprised to find they have a neat little games section on their website too. Crossword puzzle, pinball, etc.

Originally posted at: Clearwater, Florida: Mack Big Rig Tractor: Lots Of Truck
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  1. I've this kind of model of Mack and I'm using it on my heavy hauling business. It can carry heavy generators and machines easily, because pulling heavy equipments is one of the features of it.


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